Paul Cutright

Paul Cutright

Paul Cutright

Paul Cutright has been on a path of self-realization and living in service to the awakening of others for the last 40+ years, ever since his father gave him a five volume set of books entitled The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East in 1970. Paul has been motivated by a passionate quest for authentic spiritual connection and the practical application of spiritual principles.

His quest led him to and through a multitude of experiences that culminated in two life changing events. The first was a profound experience of rebirth that showed him the way out of his own unresolved pain and into a life of contribution and healing.

The second was an unexpected experience of spontaneous transcendence with the young woman who was to become Paul’s creative life partner. Her name is Layne.

It was 1976 when Paul and Layne were co-workers and acquaintances who met in a personal growth center located in a large Victorian home near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. One afternoon Layne was working with a small team of people (including her mother) at a long oak dining table preparing the calendar mailing for the upcoming month. Paul entered the dining room just as Layne looked up. As their eyes met they were both instantly transported beyond the room into a realm of Light and Beauty and Love that held them transfixed for what seemed an eternity.

It ended just as suddenly as it began, and they were dropped back into the ordinary reality of the dining room. Everyone at the table was staring at them, especially Layne’s mother! It wasn’t long before Layne and Paul realized they had experienced a rare, mystical moment of transcendent love. It was also a moment of destiny because they chose together to find out where it would lead, embarking upon their relationship as an experiment; an experiment in keeping their love alive and growing and evolving spiritually.

From that experience they soon found themselves on an accelerated path that had them teaching, from their own experience, about relationships as a path of personal and spiritual evolution. They have travelled and shared their work in many countries around the world.

The overriding purpose and intention of their work is to support a worldwide cultural shift in the way humans relate and to contribute to an evolutionary leap from a humanity characterized by a love of the power to control and dominate others to the power of love and cooperation.

In their view life is about relationships; our relationship with self and each other as well as our relationship with our planet and the natural world of all living things.

Until humanity awakens from the pain and dysfunction of separation and realizes the truth proclaimed by both revered spiritual traditions and modern quantum physics that we are all connected in a deep and abiding ground of oneness that manifests as multiplicity, we will continue to suffer and perpetuate, even accelerate, the state of emergency our world is in today.

As they see it, people suffer needlessly in their relationships for two primary reasons; lack of knowledge about what makes relationships work and lack of skill in the standard practices of success. Paul and Layne offer evolutionary relationship education for individuals, couples and business relationships with books, manuals and educational multimedia programs to support people in realizing their full relational maturity.

On the spiritual path there is no end to unexpected challenges and lessons. And they usually come at the most inconvenient time. So it was that on June 25, 2011, Paul collapsed unconscious in their bedroom early that morning.

Fortunately, Layne was there and gave Paul life-saving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation before calling 911. Paul regained consciousness to find the paramedics standing over him. He was rushed to the hospital where tests showed he had an episode of congestive heart failure due to a genetically defective aortic valve. He would need emergency open heart surgery as soon as possible. Paul had two more near death experiences in the emergency room that same day.

For both of them, life in the ensuing year has been the single most challenging time of their life together on every level. It has required of them to call on everything they have learned and taught during their life together.